In His Own Words - Andrew White

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In his own words...

"Hello, and thanks for stopping by to find out a little about what I do.

I am a film-maker, writer and broadcaster, specialising in walking & the great outdoors, travel, days out, dogs, transport and technology.

I'm also the creator and writer of The Walker Mysteries series of crime/mystery novels.

live in my home town (now city) of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, with my wife, my two girls, six dogs, one cat and one rabbit - and we all go out on walks together... (Ok, not the rabbit...)
I was bitten by the communications bug at the age of 9, producing radio programmes on my cassette recorder.  By 11, I'd made my first film, written my first articles at the age of 16 and when I was in the Sixth Form I spent more time producing television programmes on my camcorder & computer than I did on my studies...

After studying Media Communications and Video Production at university, I worked for many different broadcasters and production companies - including one exciting spell in Rome - before moving back to Doncaster to set up my own production company.
Currently, I'm engaged in many different activities...

  • I write for newspapers and magazines ranging from Countryfile to Sky at Night; RAIL to Dogs Monthly; BRITAIN to The Independent.

  • I'm a presenter on television, radio and podcasts.

  • I'm an experienced film-maker producing travel/outdoor/transport documentaries and promotional films.

  • I write guide books, provide copywriting services, undertake interpretation work and provide professional consultancy work.

  • I'm a skilled user of social media to create engagement.

  • I appear as an expert in my fields on radio and television.

I'm also the Lead Presenter, Producer and Editor of Britain's leading brand for short walks - Walks Around Britain.

I am a member of the Royal Television Society"
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Contact Andrew through his manager, Sosanna Brennan on 0207 175 5062
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