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Films and Productions

Here are just a few examples of Andrew's film-making cannon.

These productions show the variety of genres Andrew works across - and also the variety of different crew roles he can undertake, from fulling producing, directing, filming and editing pieces to being a sound recordist or other single crew role.
For BMI Baby,
Andrew produced, directed, filmed and edited this travelog
For CASIO / Viewranger,
Andrew produced this promotional spot.
Andrew sound recorded, edited and produced this
teaser trailer for the new series Place Detectives
For Charters Reid,
Andrew sound recorded and produced this advertisement
For Big Sky,
Andrew was Producer, Continuity and
Assistant Editor on several music promos.
Andrew produced, directed, filmed and edited
this documentary about the
Doncaster Plant Works 150 Open Weekend for DVD release.
Copyright MMXXII Andrew White
Contact Andrew through his manager, Sosanna Brennan on 0207 175 5062
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