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Andrew has always written features and articles.  It started with a regular column in the local newspaper when he was 16, commenting about issues in the town - and during the 90s, he wrote about film and video making for various magazines.

Today, writing features is a large part of his work.  He regularly writes for magazines such as BBC Countryfile, RAIL, Coast, Your Dog, BBC Sky At Night, BRITAIN, Dogs Monthly, Camping, Writing, Discover Britain, Outdoor Focus, Pro Moviemaker, Who Do You Think You Are?, Lakeland Walker and Walk - the magazine of The Ramblers and Yorkshire Walks and Wildlife.  In the past, he has written Top Ten Reviews of outdoor gear for The Independent newspaper and Walking Guides for the i newspaper.
Andrew has developed an engaging style of writing and he usually inject a degree of humour into his texts - whilst always adjustigng his delivery for the audience of the magazine he's writing for.

On travel / outdoors features, he only ever writes about places, areas and islands he's been to and adventures he's actually done.  So when he writes about Coasteering off the coast of the Isle of Man, he's actually done it.  He will not do features he hasn't experienced for himself.

For history and investigation features, he draws on his skills of documentary film production to assemble a strong narrative thread, which keeps the feature moving along at a good pace - and making it accessible.

Andrew regularlly send out pitches with ideas for possible features to a range of magazines - but he is always interested in the possiblity of working with new people, so if you'd like to join his pitching list, then please email him.  Also, he is always open to suggestions from commissioning editors for features he could write about for them.
Andrew's skills in film-making, podcast production and social media mean he can also provide short films, interviews with contributors and help generate engagement for the magazine too.

Topics Andrew welcomes the opportunity to write about include...
  • Walking and The Great Outdoors
  • Railways and transport
  • Scenic Rail Journeys / Scenic Drives
  • Cycling
  • Days Out
  • Dogs
  • Film / Video-Making
  • Astronomy / Space
  • British History and Heritage
  • Technology and Retro-tech
  • Television and the Media
Copyright MMXXII Andrew White
Contact Andrew through his manager, Sosanna Brennan on 0207 175 5062
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