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In 2013, Andrew was commissioned to write the new AA Guide to Yorkshire.

This was a great honour, and he was determined to do his home county proud with a guidebook which not only covered the well-known places such as the Yorkshire Dales, the North Yorks Moors, York and Leeds - but also included a wealth of information about lesser known places like Middlesbrough, Thirsk and Goole.  And as he is a South Yorkshireman, he wanted to address the issue of this part of the county being forgotten about in other guidebooks...

So, after lots of research and 90,000 words, the new guidebook was launched in April 2014.

And in July 2015, he was proud to be commissioned to update his original guidebook for the second edition... and then to be asked to update it again for the third - which is the version currently available now.

Also in 2018, Andrew updated all the walks for AA Publishing's 50 Walks in the Yorkshire Dales book.

Andrew is very well placed to write and promote books about his core interests of walking, the great outdoors, transport, technology and heritage.

With his own personal social media accounts, he can create videos, audio clips, podcasts, blog posts and tweets to help promote his books.  He is used to searching out opportunities on radio and television for interviews and and can use his magazine contacts to pitch relevant features to the titles he writes for.

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Contact Andrew through his manager, Sosanna Brennan on 0207 175 5062
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