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About Andrew as a Film-maker

Andrew started making films at the age of 11 with his Dad's cine camera, and his passion for the moving image continues to this day.

Andrew is truly a film-maker, rather than a cameraman or a director, because for a large part of his life he has been the producer, director, cameraman, sound recordist and editor of most of his productions.  

His one-man-band films range from documentaries about Flying Scotsman to promotional videos about schools and tourist videos about regions.

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With a full compliment of broadcast-quality UHD / 4K video production kit include a DSLR coming as the norm, Andrew is used to producing to television standards with tight deadlines and on budget.

Producing high quality video for use on the internet is one of Andrew's fortes.  In fact, he has been involved in web video since 1999, with his first productions for clients using Real Video.  Now, with fast broadband and powerful computers, full UHD 4K is possible - and ways of watching that content is forever changing.

Andrew's long association with video on the net means he's perfectly placed for making the best out of web-based productions.

As well as working on his own, Andrew regularly undertaken freelance work across a number of production roles for many different production companies, agencies and organisations.

For example...

Sound Recordist for Flash Frame Productions
Cameraman for Alphasound
Cameraman for Harrogate International Centre
ENG Cameraman for BBC
Cameraman for Rallyscene Productions
Cameraman for Fern Creative Media
Editor for Rotherham NHS Trust
Cameraman for Sky Sports

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Contact Andrew through his manager, Sosanna Brennan on 0207 175 5062
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