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About Andrew

Andrew is pretty unique.

Sure, there are other writers; there are other film-makers; there are other broadcasters...

  • There are other outdoor television presenters,
           but they don't write and produce their series.
  • There are other magazine writers,
         but they can't record and edit podcasts.
  • There are other outdoor film-makers,
         but they don't write features for major magazines.
  • There are other guide book writers,
         but they aren't in charge of a market-leading brand.
Give Andrew a camera, a microphone and a computer, and he can...

  • Film, edit and produce a programme which he can also present
  • Record, edit and produce a podcast or radio feature
  • Write a feature for a major magazine or newspaper
  • Promote all of these on social media

That's why Andrew is pretty unique.
Copyright MMXXII Andrew White
Contact Andrew through his manager, Sosanna Brennan on 0207 175 5062
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